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10Word of 21-03-20

1. ABANDON (uh BAN dun): v. Give up (an action or practice) completely. Key Word: “ABANDON” -“A-BANNED” Key Sentence: He was ABANDONED from the country for possessing BANNED narcotics. Sample Sentence: Animal activists are campaigning against abandonment of old and sick animals on the streets.

2.ABASE (uh BAYS): v. Humiliate, degrade Key Word: ABASE- A BASE Key Sentence: Such BASE ideas will ABASE your reputation. Sample Sentence: Teacher abased the student by criticizing him in front of the girls! Related Words: DEBASE- n. degrade, humiliate

3.ABASH (ah BASH): v. Embarrass Key Word: 1. ABASH-ABASE. 2. A BASH Key Sentence: 1. When the teacher ABASED him, he felt ABASHED. 2. When the teacher BASHED him in front of the girls, he felt ABASHED. Sample Sentence: He was abashed by her open admiration. Related Words: UNABASHED- a. not embarrassed, not ashamed

4.ABATE (ah BEYT): v. Reduce; become less Key Word: 1. ABATE-“A BITE”. 2. ABATE-REBATE Key Sentence: 1. My hunger ABATED after I took A BITE of an apple. 2. The store is REBATING refrigerators this week, so it ABATED some financial burden on me.

Sample Sentence: The tornado abated soon, but with it, it took lot of lives!

5.ABDICATE (AB di keyt): v.Give up; renounce Key Word: ABDICATE- “AB (ABSENT) + DICTATE” Key Sentence: The emperor has now NO power to DICTATE the terms, as he has ABDICATED his throne. Sample Sentence: The king abdicated his throne in order to marry an ordinary woman.

6.ABERRANT (uh BER unt): a. Deviant; abnormal Key Word: 1. ABERRANT-ERR-ERROR. 2. ABERRANT-OFF CURRENT Key Sentence: 1. If you continue to repeat the same ERRORS, your life will become ABBERRANT. 2. ABERRANT & CURRENT are antonyms. 3. Wearing bell-bottom pants is ABERRANT now-a-days as this trend is OFF CURRENT. Sample Sentence: Sudhanshu's method of teaching English words with Triggers is totally aberrant. But it works like magic! Related Words: ABERRATION- n. deviation, abnormality

7.ABET (uh BET): v. Help or encourage, usually in some wrongdoing Key Word: 1.ABET- “A-BET”. 2. ABET-SET Key Sentence: 1. In IPL league some cricket players ABET the bookies and help them illegally during A BETTING game. 2. ABET is to SET UP an action. Sample Sentence: The bank's security guard himself abetted the thief in robbing the bank.

8.ABEYANCE (uh BEY uns): n. Suspended Action; temporary inactivity Key Word: ABEYANCE-“AB+YAWNS” Key Sentence: Stop YAWNING and start working. You can't keep your work in ABEYANCE any more. Sample Sentence: The research scholars held their projects in abeyance for lack of funds from the university.

9.ABHOR (ab HOR): v.Hate, dislike

Key Word: 1. ABHOR-A BORE 2. ABHOR-ADORE (** antonyms) Key Sentence: 1. 'The Satanic Verses' is a BORING book. I ABHOR reading it. 2. People ABHOR Hitler, but I ADORE him. 3. ABHOR (dislike) and ADORE (love) are antonyms. Sample Sentence: John abhorred his boring new job at the Super market. Related Words: ABHORRENCE -n. disgust, hate

10.ABIDING (uh BAHY ding): a. Continuous; permanent Key Word: 1.ABIDING -A BINDING. 2. ABIDING - A BONDING Key Sentence: 1. I will ABIDE by the faith, since I have a BINDING trust on you. 2. BONDING in marriage reflects that both the couple ABIDE to each other forever. Sample Sentence: 1. Soldiers in the battle need to have an abiding faith in themselves. 2. If you make a promise you must abide by it. Related Words: ABIDE- v. accept or act in accordance with

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