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Are there mountains inside the sea?

Generally, sea mountains are those mountains which are at least 1 kilometre above the seabed. A number of such mountains have been discovered. Upheavals at the bottom of the sea are responsible for the formation of these mountains. Volcanic eruptions in the seabed also make mountains. Generally, these mountains are 1-3 kilometres high. Majority of these mountains remain submerged in water, but some of them have surfaced above also. The flat mountains coming above water are called islands. The Hawaii islands were formed in this manner. There are many mountains in the midst of oceans. The mid-ocean ridge is continuous and it winds for 60,000 kilometres through all the oceans of the world. There are many mountains in the north-eastern part of the Pacific Ocean. Most of these mountains are submerged in water, but some of the mountains of the Hawaiian chain have surfaced above. They are called the Hawaii Islands. The highest mountain of the Hawaiian chain is the Mauna Kea. The height of this mountain is 4,200 metres above sea level, but the total height of this mountain from the bottom of the sea is 9,686 metres. That means the height of this mountain inside the sea is 5,486 metres. If its height is taken in full, this is the highest mountain of the world

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