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Building Materials

1.Cement Introduction Chemical Composition Type of cements Field test for cements Colour Physical Properties Presence of lumps Laboratory Tests of cements Chemical Composition Test Normal Consistency test Initial Setting Time test Final Setting time test Soundness test Strength test Fineness test Heat of Hyderation test Specific gravity test 2.Morter Bulking of Sand Classification of Mortars Properties of Good Mortor Mix and Mortar Mobility Placeablity Properties of a Good Mortar Uses of Mortar Function of sand in Mortar Test for Mortars Ganiting 3.Lime Calcination Hydraulicity Quick lime Setting Slanked Lime Slanking Classification of lime Fat lime Hydraullic Lime Poor lime Impurities in Limestone Magnesium carbonate clay Silica Iron compounds Sulphates Alkalies 4.Concrete Corrosion of steel in Concrete Theories of Corrosion Causes of Corrosion Effect of Corrosion Water Cement Ratio Bleeding of concrete Segregation Workability of concrete Slump test Recommended slump for concrete Compaction Factor test Vee-Bee Test Vee Bee Consistometer Flow test Estimating Yield of Concrete Method for Propogating Concrete Mixes Mix Design Aggrigate Size Fineness modulus Viberators Internal Viberators Surface Viberators Form Viberators Viberating table Period of curing Water Proofing Cement concrete Light weight Concrete 5.Bricks Composition of good brick earth Alumina Silica Lime Oxide of iron Magnesia Harmful Ingradiants in Brick earth Lime Iron pyrites Alkalies Pebbles Organic Matter Manufacture of bricks Preparation of clay Moulding Hand Moulding Machine Moulding Drying Burning Clamps Kilns Comparision between bull's trench kiln and hoffman's kiln Comperision between clamp Burning and kiln Burning Test of Bricks Absorption Crushing Strength Hardness Presence of Soluble Salts Shape and size Soundness Structure Quality of Good Bricks Classification of Brick Unburnt bricks Burnt brick Size and weight of bricks Shape of Bricks Bullnose Brick Channel Bricks Coping Bricks Cownose Bricks Curved Sector Bricks Hallow Bricks Paving Bricks Perforated Bricks 6.Timber Classification of trees Exogenous Trees Endogenous Trees Structure of a tree Macrostructure Microstructure Defect in timber Preservation in timber Requrement of a good Preservative Type of Preservatives Ascu Treatment Chemical salts Coal tar Oil Paints Soignum Paints Method of preservation Brushing Charring Dipping and steeping Hot and Cold Open tank treatment Injecting Under Pressure Spraying Fire Resistance of Timber Application of special Chemicals Sir Abels Process Seasoning of Timber Object of Seasoning Methods of Seasoning Natural Seasoning Artificial Seasoning

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