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1.Pert Event Time 2.CPM Activity times Float CPM Systems 3.Crashing of Network Project Cost Component of Project Cost Indirect Project Cost Direct Project Cost Normal time (tn) Crash time (tc) Normal cost (Cn) Crash cost (Cc) Cost Slope Total project Cost and optimum duration 4.Resources Allocation & CPM Updating Method to Achive Resource Allocation Resource Smoothening Resource Levelling CPM Updating 5.Engineering Economy Interest and Intrest formulae Intrest Simple Intrest Compound intrest Notation and Cash flow Cash flow Diagram Intrest formula for single payment series Intrest formula for equal Payment series Intrest formula for Gradiant Payment series Norminal and effective Interest Rate Depreciation Method of calculaing Drpreciation 6.Engineering Fundamental Equipments Rolling Resistance Grade Resistance Coefficient of Traction Drawbar pull RimPull Effect of temperature and pessure of IC Engine Depreciation cost Investment cost Fuel Consumption cost Lubricating oil cost 7.Earthwork Equipmements Tractor Crawler Tractor Wheel Tractor Comprison between Crawler tracter and Wheel Tractor Dozers Crawler mounted Dozer Wheel mounted dozer The Output of Dozers Power Shovel Output of Power Shovel Dragline Clamshells Hoe Hoe Production Scraper Output of Scrapper Copaction Equipment Type of Compecting Equipment Sheepsfoot Roller Tamping Roller Viberating Compactors Smooth drum Viberator Smooth drum Viberatory Copactors Padded Drum Vibratory Soil Compactors Pneumatic -Tired Rollers Pneumatic -Tired Rollers with variable Inflation Pressures Towed Impact Compactors Compaction Wheels Manually Operated Viberatory -Plate Compactors Manually Operated Rammer Compactors Roller Production Estimation

8.Concreting Equipment Batching Plant Typical batching tolerences Mixer Batch Mixture Continuous mixture Compacting Equipment Tamping viberators Internal (Needle) vibrator External (Form) Vibrator Surface Vibrator Viberating table Special method of viberations Vibropressing Shock (Jolting) Centrifugation Airjets Finishing Concrete Screeding floating Trowelling Curing of concrete object of curing 9.Hoisting Equipments Pulley Chain hoists Winch Cranes Major crane type Mobile cranes Tower Cranes Mobile Cranes Crawler Cranes Telecoping Boom Truck Mounted crane Lattice Boom truck -Mounted cranes Heavy lift cranes Tower Cranes Derrick Crane Whirler Crane

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