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Design of Steel Structure

1.Structural Fasteners Riveting Gross dia rivet or dia of hole Unwins formula Bolted joints Black bolts Precison and semiPresison bolts Type of Reveted and volted joints Lap joint Butt joint Nominal diameter Effective diameter or gross diameter Net Area Guage Edge distance Proof load Slip factor Pitch Failure of Riveted /Bolted joints By tearing Plate between rivets Strength of rivet in single shear Strength of rivet in double shear Failure due to bearing or crushing of rivet or plates Efficiency of joints Maximum permissable stress in Rivet and bolts Permissable Stress Maximum permisable deflections Arrangement of Revets Eccentric Connections Minimum size of weld Slot weld Slide fillet weld Welded Connection Permissable Stresses Butt welded loaded Eccentrically Fillet-Welded Joint Loaded Eccentrically Load not Laying in plane of weld 2.Tension Member Introduction Net Sectiontional Area For plate Single Angle connected by one leg only Permissabe Stress in Design Lug Angle 3.Compression member Strength of an axially Loaded compression member Effective length Angle Strut Built up Compression member Design compression member tracking Rivet Design compression members Lacings Battens Slab base

4.Beams Design for bending Effective length Compression flange Built up Beams Gantry Girders Beam Column 5.Plate Girders Design of web Web Stiffeners Permissable Bending Stress Curtailment flange plates Web Stiffeners Load bearing Stiffners 6.Industrial roofs Purlins and grits 7.Plastic Analysis Load Factor Saving in material Plaasic section moodulus Shape Factor (α) Shape factor of Different Shapes Reserve Strength (Ψ) Length of Plastic hinge (Lp) Collapse Loads

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