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Does our body generate electricity?

We all have heard of fishes producing electric currents but it is surprising to learn that our body itself generates electric current. Not only electricity but also magnetic impulses emanate from our body organs. The electric current generated in our body helps in controlling and working of the nerves and muscles of our body. In fact, electricity is consumed in some form in all the activities and functions of our body. The power of muscles in itself is a product of attraction and repulsion of electric charges. The functions of the brain are electrical in nature. All messages received and sent by the brain are transmitted by tissues in the form of electric impulses. For performing some special kind of functions, many electric signals are produced. These electric signals are produced by electro-chemical actions in special kind of cells. Many physical disorders can be detected by measuring these electric signals. For example, any irregularities in the functioning of the heart can be detected by the electric signals of the heart. In the same way, electric signals generated by muscles, brain, eyes, etc. can be recorded and on its basis the malfunctioning of any of these organs can be known. Electromyogram is used for recording electric signals of muscles. For recording electric signals for heart and brain, the electrocardiogram and electro-encephalogram are used respectively. For magnetic signals of the heart, electro-magnetocardiogram is used. Specialists in different diseases can find but various physical ailments by analysing these electric signals. Proper treatment can be given after diagnosing the disease. Information obtained from these electric signals is very important for the doctors in suggesting treatment for various diseases.

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