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Environmental (321-332)

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

321. Phosphorus can be removed from waste water by ferric chloride addition


322. Which of the following compounds does not provide free chloride ? NHCI


a) Both A and R are true and R is the

correct explanation of A

b) Both A and R are true but R is not the

correct explanation of A

c) A is true but R isfalse

d) A isfalse but R is true.


323. Assertion A : Alum or aluminum sulphate is widely used for the purpose of

flocculation in water treatment.

Reason R : It is effective even in the absence of alkalinity in the raw water



324. Assertion A : Microbiological examinations of water samples are usually based

on tests for the detection and enumeration of indicator organisms rather than of


Reason R : The identification of pathogens in water is both extremely time

consuming and difficult



325. Assertion A : Tapered flocculation is more efficient when compared to the

conventional process of flocculation.

Reason R : In tapered flocculation,velocity gradient at the inlet is less than

that at the outlet of the flocculation unit



326. Assertion A : In wastewater treatment, waste stabilization ponds are more

successful in sunny tropical regions.

Reason R : The bacterial action of purification is achieved through photo

synthetic bacteria.



327. Assertion A : Presence of E-coli bacteria in water indicates that the water is

polluted with facal discharge.

Reason R : E-coli is a pathogenic bacteria.



328. Assertion A : Ozone is not widely used in community water supplies.

Reason R : It is not possible to maintain residual concentration of ozone in water

after the disinfection process.



329. Assertion A : In the case of dual media filter, the rate of fiIteration is more than that of rapid sand filter.

Reason R : The direction of flow is from fine medium to coarse medium



330. Assertion A ,: Horizontal velocity of flow through grit chambers is maintained

between 24 to 30 cm/sec.

Reason R : Removal of organic and inorganic particles larger than O.l mm

direction is very essential



331. Assertion A : At the ferrule point of a water supply distribution pipe network for Indian towns having a majority of two storey buildings, the ideal minimum

pressure head of water is 12 m.

Reason R : This magnitude of pressure head at ferrule is necessary to reach the

highest floor of the two-storey buildings



332. Assertion A : Sanitary landfills can no longer be used for the disposal of solid

wastes in India.

Reason R : The leachates from sanitary landfills may pollute the ground water


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