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Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines

1.Introduction Ideal Fluid and Real Fluid Specific Weight,Specific volume,Specific Gravity Newton's Law of Viscocity Dinemic Viscosity/Kinemetic Viscosity Type of fluide Compressibility (β),Isothermal Bulk modulus (KT),Adiabatic Surface Tension/Pressure Inside Drop ,Bubble and Jet Capillary Action 2.Manometry Pascal's Law Absolute Pressure Hydrostatic Law Conversion of one Fluid column to another Fluid column 3.Hydrostatic Forces Hydrostatic Forces on Submerged Surface Hydrostatic Forces on Curved Surface Depth of Center of Pressure for some vertical Plane surfaces from liquid Surface 4.Buoyancy and floation Archimedes Principle Principle of floation Condition for equilibrium for floating /Submerged Body Time Period of Oscillation Metacentric height (Gm) 5.Fluid Kinematics Steady and Unsteady flow Uniform and Non Uniform flow Laminar and Turbulent flow Sreakline Pathline Streamline Euation of stream line Continuity Equation (Conservation of Mass) Genral Continuity Equation Total Acceleration of fluid Rotational Component/Vorticity/Circulation Velocity Potential Function (ф) Streamline Function (Ψ) Cauchy Reimann equation 6.Fluid Dynamic & Flow Measurement Different type of force Acting on Fluid Particle Euler's Equation Bernoulli's Equation Venturimeter Orfice meter Pitot tube Hydraulic Coefficients Devices and there uses 7.Viscous Flow of Incompressible Fluid Reynold's Number (Re) Nture of flow According to Reynolds Number for pipe and open channel flow Entrance Length (Le Laminar flow through circular pipe (Hagen-Poiseulle Flow) Laminar flow between two fixed Parallel plate Momentum Correction factor (β) Kinetic energy correction factor (α) 8.Flow Through Pipes Friction loss/Darcy Weisbatch Equation Chezy's Formula Series and parallel combination of pipes Different type of minor losses in pipe Hydraulic Gradiant Line (HGL) and Total Energy Line (TEL) Power tranmission Through pipe (P) Siphon Action Pipe 9.Vortex Motion Free Vortex Flow Forced Vortex Flow Variation of Pressure 10.Boundary Layer Theory Development of Boundary Layer Region Various Terms Associated With Boundry Layer Theory General velocity profile for laminar and turbulent flow Reynold number for different types of flow over flat plat Blassius Experiment Results/When velocity profile is not given Hardness Condition for boundary layer Sepration Method of Preventing Sepration 11.Turbulent flow Shear Stress in Turbulent flow Hydro Dynamically Smooth and Rough Pipes Velocity distribution for Turbulent flow in Pipes Friction Factor 12.Dimensional Analysis Reynolds Model Law Froude's Model law Distorted model law 13.Impact of jets Force Exerted jet on a Stationary plate Force Exerted jet on a Moving plate Force Exerted by a jet on Hinged plate Concept of tangential flow Runners Concept of radial flow runners 14.Turbines Velocity Triangle Francis Turbine Efficiency Design Parameter of francis turbine pelton Wheel Turbine Keplon and propeller turbine (Axial flow reaction turbine) 15.Hydraulic pump Centrifugal pump Reciprocating pump 16.Open Channel Flow

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