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Fluid Mechanics (21-40)

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

21.Centre of buoyancy always-coincides with the centroid of the volume of fluid displaced


22.If the weight of a body immersed in a fluid exceeds the buoyant force, then the

body will tend to move downward and it may finally sink


23. Metacentric height for small values of angle of heel is the distance between the centre of gravity and metacentre


24. A floating body is said to be in a state of stable equilibrium when the metacentre is above the centre of gravity


25. The increase in metacentric height increases stability,decreases comfort for passengers


26.A rectangular block 2 m long, 1 m wide and 1 m deep floats in water, the depth of immersion being 0.5 m. If water weighs 10 kN/m3, then the weight of the block is 10 KN


27. The point in the immersed body through which the resultant pressure of the liquid may be taken to act is known as centre of pressure


28. If a vessel containing liquid moves downward with a constant acceleration equal to 'g' then the pressure throughout the liquid mass is atmospheric


29. When a liquid rotates at a constant angular velocity about a vertical axis as a rigid body, the pressure intensity varies as the square of the radial distance


30. An open cubical tank of 2 m side is filled with water. If the tank is rotated with an acceleration such that half of the water spills out, then the acceleration is equal to g


31. A right circular cylinder open at the top is filled with liquid and rotated about its vertical axis at such a speed that half the liquid spills out, then the pressure

intensity at the centre of bottom is zero


32. The horizontal component of force on a curved surface is equal to the force on a vertical projection of the curved surface


33. A closed tank containing water is moving in a horizontal direction along a straight line at a constant speed. The tank also contains a steel ball and a bubble of air. If the tank is decelerated horizontally, then

the ball will move to the front,the bubble will move to the rear


34. The eddy viscosity for turbulent flow is dependent on the flow


35. Flow at constant rate through a tapering pipe is steady flow,non-uniform flow


36. In a two dimensional in compressible steady flow around an airfoil, the stream

lines are 2 cm apart at a great distance from the airfoil, where the velocity is 30

m/sec. The velocity near the airfoil, where the stream lines are 1.5 cm apart, is

40 m/sec



The equation is based on the following assumptions regarding the flow of fluid

steady, frictionless, incompressible and along a streamline


38. When the velocity distribution is uniform over the cross-section, the correction

factor for momentum 1


39. Least possible value of correction factor for kinetic energy is 1,momentum is 1


40. If the velocity is zero over half of the cross-sectional area and is uniform over

the remaining half, then the momentum correction factor is 2

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