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Fluid Mechanics (41-60)

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

41. If velocity is zero over l/3rd of a cross section and is uniform over remaining

2/3rd of the cross-section, then the correction factor for kinetic energy is



42.The continuity equation p1 V1 A1= p2V2A2 is based on the following assumption

regarding flow of fluid steady flow



In the most general form of Bernoulli's equation each term represents energy per unit weight


44. Which of the following velocity potentials satisfies continuity equation ?

x² - y²


45. The magnitude of the component of velocity at point (1, 1) for a stream function ψ = - y² is equal to 22


46. The motion of air mass in a tornado is a forced vortex at centre and free vortex



47. In a forced vortex motion, the velocity of flow is directly proportional to its radial distance from axis of rotation


48.Stream lines and path lines always coincide in case of steady flow


49. The kinetic energy correction factor is


50. The momentum correction factor for the velocity distribution shown in Fig. 1.1 is



51. Equation of continuity is based on the principle of conservation of mass


52. In steady flow of a fluid, the total acceleration of any fluid particle can be zero


53. The pitot tube is used to measure stagnation pressure


54. Hot wire anemometer is used to measure velocity of gas


55. The theoretical value of coefficient of contraction of a sharp edged orifice is



56. Which of the following is used to measure the discharge ? venturimeter


57. The pitot static tube measures dynamic pressure


58. A fluid jet discharging from a 4 cm diameter orifice has a diameter 3 cm at its

vena contracta. If the coefficient of velocity is 0.98, the coefficient of discharge for the orifice will be 0.98 x (0.75)²


59.The energy loss in orifice flow is given by H(1-w²)


60.The pressure intensity at vena contracta is atmospheric,Stream lines are parallel throughout the jet at vena contracta,Coefficient of contraction is always less than one

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