Fluid Mechanics (61-80)

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

61.Size of a venturimeter is specified by both pipe diameter as well as throat


62.Due to each end contraction, the discharge of rectangular sharp crested weir is

reduced by 10%

63.The discharge through a V- notch varies as

64. None

65. Coefficient of velocity of venturimeter is equal to the coefficient of discharge

of venturimeter

66. The pressure at the summit of a syphon is less than atmospheric

67. ΔΨ between two stream lines represents discharge

68. Coefficient of velocity for Borda's mouth piece running full is 0.707

69. Coefficient of discharge for a totally submerged orifice as compared to that for

an orifice discharging free is slightly less

70. The major loss of energy in long pipes is due to friction

71. Coefficient of contraction for an external cylindrical mouthpiece is 1.00

72. Which of the following has highest coefficient of discharge ? venturimeter

73. In a Sutro weir, the discharge is proportional to H

74. The discharge over a broad crested weir is maximum when the depth of flow is


75. The discharge through a Cipolletti weir is given by


The equation for flow through circular tubes, where T is shear stress at distance r from centre, is applicable for both laminar and turbulent flows

77. The ratio of maximum velocity to average velocity for steady flow between fixed parallel plates is 3/2

78. Which of the following statements is correct? Lower critical Reynolds number has the value 2000 in pipe flow

79. For a sphere of radius 15 cm moving with a uniform velocity of 2 m/sec through a liquid of specific gravity 0.9 and dynamic viscosity 0.8 poise, the Reynolds number will be 675

80. The shear stress distribution for a fluid flowing in between the parallel plates,

both at rest, is zero at the mid plane and varies linearly with distance from mid plane

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