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Highway Engineering

1.Highway Development and Planning Nagpur Road Plan or First 20 year Road plan Second Twenty Year Road Plan (1961-81) Some important years Important Recommendations Three Road Development Plan Different Road patterns Rectangular and Block pattern Star and block pattern Star and grid pattern Star and circular pattern Hexagonal road pattern 2.Highway Geometric Design Stopping Sight Distance (SSD) Overtaking sight Distance (OSD) Overtaking Zone Super Elevation(e) Ruling radius of the Curve (Rruling) Extra Widening (EW) Transition curve Set Back Distance (m) Vertical Curve 3.Traffic Engineering Theoretical maximum capicity,(c) Passenger Car Unit Accident Studies Design of Signal Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT or ADT) Space Mean Speed Time mean speed Speed and delay by floating car method Relationship between speed,travel time,volume,density & capacity Capacity flow or maximum flow ,(qmax) Rotary Intersection Parking Facilities Highway Lighting Trip Distribution 4.Highway Material Group Index of soil (G.I) Plate bearing test California bearing Ratio (CBR) Test Test for Road Aggrigate Bituminous Mixes Marshall Mehod Bituminous Mix Design Hveem Method of Bituminous mix Design Stablimeter value Cohesiometer Value, (c) 5.pavement Design Flexible pavements method of Flexible Pavement Design Rigid Pavement Design of Joints in Cement Concrete Pavements IRC recommendations for design of cement concrete pavement 6.Highway Maintenance Flexible Overlay Over Flexible Pavement by Conventional Design method Aalysis of Data Standard Deviation of Deflection Characterstic Deflection Overlay Thickness Design Rigid Overlay Rigid Pavement

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