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Highway Engineering

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

1.Nagpur road plan formulae were prepared by assuming-radial or star and grid road pattern


2.Second 20-year plan has provided 1600 km of expressways out of the proposed National highway


3.The sequence of four stages of survey in a highway alignment is

map study, reconnaissance, preliminary survey and detailed survey


4.The shape of the camber, best suited for cement concrete pavements, is

-straight line


5.For water bound macadam roads in localities of heavy rainfall, the recommended value of camber is -1 in 36


6.The stopping sight distance depends upon total reaction time,speed of vehicle,efficiency of brakes


7.When the path travelled along the road surface is more than the circumferential

movement of the wheels due to rotation, then it results in-skidding


8.Coefficient of friction is less when the pavement surface is-smooth and wet


9.The shoulder provided along the road edge should be-rougher than the traffic lanes


10.Camber in the road is provided for -effective drainage


11.Compared to a level surface, on a descending gradient the stopping sight distance is-more


12.On a single lane road with two way traffic, the minimum stopping sight

distance is equal to-two times the stopping distance


13.The desirable length of overtaking zone as per IRC recommendation is equal to

-five times the overtaking sight distance


14.Stopping sight distance is always-less than overtaking sight distance


15.Reaction time of a driver-decreases with increase in speed


16.If the stopping distance is 60 metres, then the minimum stopping sight distance for two lane, two way traffic is-60m


17.The effect of grade on safe overtaking sight distance is-to increase it on both descending and ascending grades


18.The ruling design speed on a National Highway in plain terrain as per IRC

recommendations is-100 kmph


19.The terrain may be classified as rolling terrain if the cross slope of land is-between 10% and 25%


20.If b is the wheel track of a vehicle and h is the height of centre of gravity above road surface, then to avoid overturning and lateral skidding on a horizontal curve, the centrifugal ratio should always be-less than b/2h and also less than co

efficient of lateral friction

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