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Highway Engineering (181-207)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

181. The Plasticity Index of the fraction passing 425 micron I.S. sieve in case of

sub base/ base course would be less than 6


182. Assuming the safe stopping sight distance to be 80 m on a flat highway section and with a setback distance of 10 m, what would be the radius of the negotiable horizontal curve? 80 m


183. If the CBR value obtained at 5 mm penetration is higher than that at 2.5 mm,

then the test is repeated for checking; and if the check test reveals a similar trend,

then the CBR value is to be reported as the higher value obtained at 5 mm



184. A vehicle was stopped in two seconds by fully jamming the brakes. The skid marks measured 9.8 metres. The average skid resistance coefficient will be 0.4


185. Which one of the following is the chronological sequence in regard to road

construction/ design development ? Tresaguet, Telford, Macadam, C.B.R


186. The general requirement in constructing a reinforced concrete road is to place a single layer of reinforcement near the top of the slab


187. It is a common practice to design a high way to accommodate the traffic volume corresponding to 30th hour


188. The amount of mechanical energy imposed on the aggregate- during the

aggregate impact test is of the order of 7980 kg-cm


189. Which one of the following binders is recommended for a wet and cold climate ? emulsion


190. With reference to the Marshall mix design criteria for highways, which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ? VFB ... 50-75


191. It was noted that on a section of road, the free speed was 80 kmph and the jam density was 70 vpkm. The maximum flow in vph that could be expected on this road is 5600


192. Which of the criteria given below are used for the design of valley vertical curves on road ?

1. rider comfort.

2. headlight sight distance.

3. drainage



Bird baths-Deformations which may be caused by localized or variable subgrade failure Pot holes-A steep-sided,bowlshaped cavity caused by loss of surfacing as well as base course erosion Ravelling-Removal of larger surface aggregates leaving craters. Subsidence-Abrupt lowering of the road surface due to poor drainage


194.For carrying out bituminous patch work during the rainy season, the most suitable binder is bituminous emulsion


195. The corrected characteristic rebound deflection on a pavement, using Benkelman beam study is 2 mm. The equivalent granular overlay thickness required for an allowable deflection of 1 mm as per original IRC guidelines is

166 mm


196. For a circular curve of radius 200 m, the coefficient of lateral friction is 0.15 and the design speed is 40 kmph. The equilibrium super elevation (for equal pressure on inner and outer wheels) would be 6.3


197. If a descending gradient of 1 in 25 meets an ascending gradient of 1 in 40, then the length of valley curve required for a head light sight distance of 100 m will be: 130 m


198. An ascending gradient of 1 in 100 meets a descending gradient of 1 in 50. The

length of summit curve required to provide overtaking sight distance of 500

m will be 781 m


199. Which one of the following pairs is correctly matched?

a) Horizontal curves.... Superelevation

b)Origin and destination studies ........Desire lines

c) Los Angeles test I..... Hardness of aggregates


200. Which one of the following expressions gives intermediate sight distance as per I.R.C. standards? (SSD: stopping sight distance; OSD : overtaking sight distance) 2SSD


201. Consider the following :

1. Annual average rainfall

2. Temperature of the soil

As per the latest IRC guidelines, the set of essential data required to determine

moisture correction factor of clayey subgrade soil in Benkelman beam study



202. As per latest IRC guidelines for designing flexible pavement by CBR method, the load parameter required is cumulative standard axles in msa


203. If the load, warping and frictional stresses in a cement concrete slab are 210 N/mm², 290 N/mm² and 10 N/mm² respectively, the critical combination of stresses during summer midday is 490 N/mm²


204. Brake is applied on a vehicle which then skids a distance of 16 m before coming to stop. If the developed average coefficient of friction between the tyres and the pavement is 0.4, then the speed of the vehicle before skidding would have been nearly 40 kmph


205. When two roads with two-lane, two-way traffic, cross at an uncontrolled inter

section, the total number of potential major conflict points would be 32


206. Rapid curing cutback bitumen is produced by blending bitumen with petrol


207. A two lane single carriage-way is to be designed for a design life period of 15

years. Total two way traffic intensity in the year of completion of construction is

expected to be 2000 commercial vehicles per day. Vehicle damage factor = 3.0 .

Lane distribution factor = 0.75. Assuming an annual rate of traffic growth as 7.5%,

the design traffic, expressed as cumulative number of standard axles, is


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