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Highway Engineering (61-80)

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

61. The diagram which shows all important physical conditions of an accident location like roadway limits, bridges, trees and all details of roadway conditions is known as condition diagram


62.When the speed of traffic flow becomes zero, then traffic density attains maximum value whereas traffic volume becomes zero


63.On a right angled road intersection with two way traffic, the total number of conflict points is 24


64.The background colour of the informatory sign board is yellow


65.Which of the following is indicated by a warning sign ? level crossing


66."Dead Slow" is a regulatory sign


67.The most efficient traffic signal system is flexible progressive system


68.The provision of traffic signals at inter sections reduces right angled collisions but may increase rear end collisions


69.Stop or red time of a signal is the sum of go and clearance intervals for the

cross flow,Clearance time is generally 3 to 5 seconds,The cycle length is normally 40 to 60 seconds for two phase signals


70. Centre line markings are used in roadways meant for two way traffic


71. The particular places where pedestrians are to cross the pavement are properly

marked by the pavement marking known crosswalk lines


72. Which of the following shows skewed and staggered form of intersection ?


73. The entrance and exit curves of a rotary have different radii and different widths of pavement


74. When two equally important roads cross roughly at right angles, the suitable shape of central island is circular


75. The maximum number of vehicles beyond which the rotary may not function efficiently is 5000 vehicles per hour


76. A traffic rotary is justified where number of intersecting roads is between 4 and 7


77. When a number of roads are meeting at a point and only one of the roads is

important, then the suitable shape of rotary is tangent


78. Maximum number of vehicles can be parked with 90° angle parking


79. When the width of kerb parking space and width of street are limited, generally preferred parking system is parallel parking


80. As per IRC recommendations, the average level of illumination on important roads carrying fast traffic is 30 lux

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