Highway Engineering (121-140)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

121. The fundamental factor in the selection of pavement type is type and intensity of traffic

122. Most suitable material for highway embankments is granular soil

123. Maximum daily traffic capacity of bituminous pavements is 1500 tonnes per day

124. The most suitable equipment for compacting clayey soils is a sheep foot roller

125. The aggregates required for one kilometre length of water bound macadam road per metre width and for 10 mm thickness is 12 cubic metre

126. The camber of shoulders in water bound macadam roads is equal to the cross slope of pavement

127. The binder normally used in flexible pavement construction is bitumen

128. In highway construction, rolling starts from sides and proceed to centre

129. For the construction of water bound macadam roads, the correct sequence of

operations after spreading coarse aggregates is dry rolling, application of screening,wet rolling and application of filler

130. In the penetration macadam construction,the bitumen is sprayed after the aggregates are spread and compacted

131. When the bituminous surfacing is done on already existing black top road or over existing cement concrete road, the type of treatment to be given is

tack coat

132. Which of the following premix methods is used for base course ? bituminous bound macadam

133.A bitumen primer is a high viscosity cutback

134. The suitable surfacing material for a bridge deck slab is mastic asphalt

135. Which of the following is considered to be the highest quality construction in the group of black top pavements ? bituminous concrete

136. The thickness of bituminous carpet varies from 20 to 25 mm

137. Which of the following represents a carpet of sand-bitumen mix without coarse aggregates ? sheet asphalt

138. In highway construction on superelevated curves, the rolling shall proceed from lower edge towards the upper edge

139.Expansion joints in cement concrete pavements are provided at an interval of

18 m to 21 m

140. Dowel bars are provided in longitudinal joints

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