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Highway Engineering (161-180)

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

161. The radius of a horizontal curve is 100 metres. The design speed is 50 kmph and the design coefficient of lateral friction is 0.15. What would be the rate of

superelevation if full lateral friction is considered?

1 in 21.2



Penetration test-Gradation of asphalt cement Marshal test-Design of bituminous concrete mix Ring and ball test-Determination of softening point Benkelman beam test-Overlay design


163. In the design of highways, expansion and contraction joints should respectively be provided at 50 m and 10 m


164. Reflection cracking is observed in bituminous overlay over cement concrete surface


165. Psychological widening on road curves is given by (symbols have the usual



166. Which one of the following items of hill road construction does not help in the

prevention of landslides in the monsoon season? hair-pin bends


167. In the Los Angeles Abrasion Test on aggregate, if the speed of the drum is

increased to 50 rpm, then the abrasion value will increase


168. The maximum super elevation to be provided on a road curve is 1 in 15. If the

rate of change of super elevation is specified as 1 in 120 and the road width is

10 m, then the minimum length of the transition curve on either end will be

80 m


169. A summit curve is formed at the intersection of a 3% up gradient and 5%

down gradient. To provide a stopping distance of 128 m, the length of summit

curve needed will be 298 m


170. Which one of the following causes ravelling in bituminous pavement?

low bitumen content


171. In desire-line diagram width of desire-line is proportional to the number of trips in both directions


172. A typical Marshall test graph is shown in

flow value


173. Given that

r = radius of load distribution

E = modulus of elasticity of concrete

K = modulus of subgrade reaction

μ = Poisson's ratio of concrete

h = thickness of slab

P = wheel load

The combination of parameters required for obtaining the radius of relative

stiffness of cement concrete slab is

E, h, K, μ


174.1. Traffic volume entering from all roads is less than 3000 vehicles per


3. Total right turning traffic is high.

A rotary will be more suitable than control by signals, in situations listed against



Disintegration of aggregates due to weathering-Soundness The removal of material from the surface of the road by grinding action-Abrasion Mutual rubbing or grinding within the mass under the action of traffic-Attrition Breaking up of road surface layer through cracking into irregular shaped areas-Crazing


176. Ratio of the width of the car parking area required at kerb for 30° parking relative to 60°parking is approximately 0.5


177.Consider the following statements with reference to pavements:

1.Load carrying capacity of rigid pavements depends more on the properties of concrete than the strength of subgrade.

2. Compared to flexible pavements, rigid pavements are more affected by

temperature variations


178. For the relationship u=55-0.44 k, where u is the speed in kmph and k is the density in vpkm, what will be the maximum flow in vph? 1718


179. Consider the following statements : Collision diagram is used to

1. study accident pattern.

2. determine remedial measures.


180. In which one of the following grades of a highway is an emergency escape ramp provided?

down grade

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