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How does a steam iron work?

You must definitely have used an iron to remove the creases from your clothes, making them look smooth and wrinkle-free. While ironing, you must have sprinkled water on the clothes to make the cloth damp, soft, flexible and help you to remove creases and wrinkles easily. If you use a steam iron, you do not need to sprinkle water on the clothes that you iron. Most irons are powered by electricity, which operates an electric heater inside the iron. A steam iron contains a small water container in which the water is boiled by a heating element thereby producing steam. A steam iron thus provides heat and steam at the same time. A push-button on top of the iron opens a valve to direct the steam through the holes under the iron on the cloth being ironed. When steam is not required, it can be switched off. Similarly, the operating temperature can be regulated to suit different types of dress material to be ironed.

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