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Important topic for Engineer

Building Materials

Building Stones

Bricks, tiles and Other Clay Products

Building Lime


Aggregates, Mortars & Concretes

Timber and Woods Based Product

Paints and Varnishes

Insulating Materials

Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

Soil Mechanics: An Introduction

Basic Definition and Their Relationship

Index Properties of Soil and Their Determination

Classification of Soil

Permeability of Soil


Soil Consolidation

Shear Strength of Soil

Earth Pressure and Retaining Wall

Shallow and Deep Foundation

Soil Stabilization

Soil Exploration


Properties of Fluids

Hydrostatics Pressure

Pressure and Its Measurement

Fundamentals of Fluid Flow


Flow Through Pipe

Flow Through Open Channel

Flow Measurement

Hydraulic Machines

Strength of Materials

Stress and Strain

Bending Moment and Shear Force

Bending and Shear Stress

Combined Direct and Bending Stress

Slope and Deflection

Principal Stress and Principal Planes

Columns and Struts


Irrigation Engineering

Irrigation System

Rainfall and Runoff

Water Requirement of Crops

Lift Irrigation

Flow Irrigation

Design of Irrigation Canals

Canal Regulatory Works

Cross Drainage Works

Reservoir and Dams

Canal Head Works

River Training Works

Water Logging and Drainage

Irrigation Project

Construction Management, Accounts and Entrepreneurship Development

Structural Analysis




Influence line Diagram

Method of Structural Analysis

Surveying Engineering

Land Surveying Basic Principal and Classification

Chain Surveying

Compass Surveying


Minor Instruments

Plane Table Survey

Contours and Contouring

Theodolite Survey

Curves and Curve Setting

Computation of Land

Design of Steel Structures

Rivet Connections

Weld Connections

Tension Members

Compression Members

Steel Beams

Column Base and Foundation

Steel Roof Trusses

Reinforced Concrete Technology

Plain and Reinforced Cement Concrete

Fundamentals of Working Stress Method

Shear and Bond Strengths of Reinforced Concrete Section

Singly and Doubly Reinforced Concrete Beams

Reinforced Concrete Slabs


R.C.C. Columns and Columnfootings

Cantilever Retaining Walls

Water Storage Tanks

Fundamentals of Limit State Designs

Prestressed Concrete

Building Construction and Maintenance Engineering.


Partition and Cavity Walls


Doors Windows and Ventilators

Arches and Lintels


Floors and Floorings

Roofs and Roof Covering

Public Health Engineering

Needs and Use of Drinking Water

Source of Water and Tubewells

Quality of Water and Test

Water Treatement Process and Waterworks



Disinfection and Softening

Rural Development and Pollution

Water Storage and Distribution

Deehetefle& Building Water Supply

Maintenance of Water Supply

Quantity of Sewage

Sewerage System and Sewers

Sewer Construction and Maintenance

Building Drainage and Plumbing

Sewage Characteristics and Its Disposal

Treatment of Sewage

Septic Tank, Imhoff Tank and Oxidation Pond

Air Pollution

Noise Pollution

Estimating, Costing & Valuation of Building & Civil Works

Building Valuation and Rent Fixation

Basic Principal and Procedure of Estimating

Building, Road and Canal

Highway, Railway and Bridge Engineering

Roads and Highways

Road Geometrics

Highway Survey and Planning

Traffic Engineering

Road Construction Material

Road Construction

Hill Roads

Mantinance and Repair of Roads

Road Construction Equipment

Railway and Rail Transport

Rail Track Material

Geometrics for Rail Track

Points and Crossing

Track Signalling

Track Laying and Maintenance

Bridge Engineering

Airport Engineering

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