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Irrigation, Water Resources Engineering and Hydrology

Updated: Apr 5, 2020

1. Which of the following methods of applying water may be used on rolling land ?

boarder flooding


2.If the electrical conductivity of water is in between 250 to 750 micro mhos/cm at

25°C, then it is classified as- medium salinity water


3.Sodium Absorption Ratio defined as-


4.The value of Sodium Absorption Ratio for high sodium water lies between - 18 to 26


5.Optimum depth of kor watering for rice is -190 mm


6.Irrigation water having the concentration of Na++ , Ca++ and Mg++ as 20, 3 and 1 milli-equivalent per litre respectively will be classified as-medium sodium water


7. The relation between duty D in hectares/ cumec, depth of water in metres and base period B in days is given by -


8. The duty is largest-on the field


9. The "outlet discharge factor" is the duty at the head of-watercourse


10. The kor depth for rice is 190 mm and kor period is 14 days. The outlet/actor for this will be- 637 hectares/m3/sec


11. For supplying water to rabi crop, kharif crop and sugarcane, the channel is

designed for a capacity equal to the greater of the water requirement of -rabi and sugarcane or kharif and sugarcane


12. The ratio of the quantity of water stored in the root zone of the crops to the quantity of water actually delivered in the field is known as

water application efficiency


13. The water utilizable by plants is available in soils mainly in the form of-capillary water


14. The amount of irrigation water required to meet the evapotranspiration needs of the crop during its full growth is called consumptive irrigation requirement


15. With the increase in the quantity of water supplied, the yield of most crops

increases upto a certain limit and then decreases


16. Hydrograph is the graphical representation of -runoff and time


17.Infiltration rate is always-equal to or less than the infiltration capacity


18. The depth of water required to bring the soil moisture content of a given soil upto its field capacity is called- soil moisture deficiency


19. Infiltration capacity- changes with both time and location


20. Infiltration is the- movement of water through the soil

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