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Irrigation (201-220)

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

201. The DAD (Depth Area Duration) analysis for a catchment would indicate that

for a given area, the maximum average depth of rainfall increases with storm duration


202. Permanent wilting point is a soil characteristic


203. Conjuctive use of water in a basin means combined use of surface and ground water resources


204. The tractive force method of designing stable channels is applicable to channels

(i) in coarse non-cohesive material

(ii) carrying clear water


205. As per Shield's criteria for the initiation of bed motion, the entertainment function is a unique function of

Shear Reynolds number


206. Rigid boundary canals, whose bed and banks are made with non-erodible

materials, are in permanent regime


207. In which of the following section a breast wall is usually provided head regulator


208. The most ideal condition for energy dissipation for the design of spillways is

when the tail water curve coincides with jump height curve at all discharges


209. The ordinate of the Instantaneous Unit Hydrograph (IUH) of a catchment at anytime t, is the s'ope of the S-curve with effective rainfall intensity of 1 cm/h


210. The leaching requirement of a soil is 10%. If the consumptive use requirement of the crop is 90 mm, then the depth of water required to be applied to the field is

100 mm


211. Which of the following pairs are correctly, matched?


212. The ordinates of a 3-hour unit hydrograph for a small catchment are given below:

If the design storm produces net rainfall depths of 4.6 cm and 3.5 cm in successive

unit periods, and if the base flow is 2 m³/s, then the peak flood flow (in m³/s) will

nearly be



213. A 4-hour rainfall in a catchment of 250 km² produces rainfall depths of 6.2 cm

and 5.0 cm in successive 2-hour unit periods. Assuming the Φ index of the soil

to be 1.2 cm/hour, the run-off volume in ha-m will be 1600


214. A 3-hour unit hydrograph (UH) differs from a 6-hour UH, for any catchment, in

that the time of rise is less but the peak ordinate is greater for the former as compared to that of the latter


215. As per the recommendations of the ISI (NBS), the shape of a lined canal is



216. Figure 3.1 shows the curve of a hydrograph

Which of the following would cause the peak of the curve to shift to the right?

1. When the length of the overland flow is more.

2. When the slope of the land surface is less



A. Land capability-U.S. Bureau of Reclamation Classification B. Sandy soil-Drip irrigation C. Consumptive use of a crop-Blaney Criddle formula D. Water flow measurement-Parshall flume


218. A tropical cyclone in the northern hemisphere is a zone of

low pressure with anticlockwise wind


219. If one wants to be 90% sure that the design flood in a dam project will not occur during the design life period of 100 years, the recurrence interval for such a flood would be roughly 1000 years


220. A channel designed by Lacey's theory has a mean velocity of one m/s. The silt factor is unity. The hydraulic mean radius will be 2.5 m

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