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Irrigation (101-120)

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

101.Garret's diagrams have been drawn for a trapezoidal channel with side slope

•1/2H: IV


102.Lacey's regime scour depth is given by

where q is discharge per unit width and f is silt factor


103.According to Lacey's theory, the silt supporting eddies are generated from

bottom as well as sides of channel


104. According to Lacey, the bed slope is given by


105.As per Lacey's theory, the silt factor is directly proportional to square root of

average particle size


106.As per Lacey's regime theory, the flow velocity is proportional to


107. Wetted perimeter of a regime channel for a discharge of 64 cumecs as per Lacey's theory will be 38 m


108. Which of the following canal structures is used to remove surplus water from an irrigation channel into a natural drain ?

canal escape


109. For a proportional outlet, the flexibility is 1


110. The sensitivity of a rigid module is zero


111. Which of the following is a flexible outlet ?

Kennedy's gauge outlet


112. A straight glacis type fall with a baffle platform and a baffle wall is called

inglis fall


113. Which of the following types of falls use parabolic glacis for energy dissipation ? Montague type fall


114. In a Sarda type fall, rectangular crest is used for discharge upto 14 cumecs


115. Which of the following can be used as a meter fall ?

vertical drop fall


116. Vertical drop fall is satisfactory for a height upto 1.5 m


117. Which of the following canal outlets maintains a constant discharge ?

rigid module


118. The ratio of rate of change of the dis charge of an outlet to the rate of change of the discharge of distributing channel is called flexibility


119. The drainage water intercepting the canal can be disposed of by passing the canal below the drainage in super passage and canal syphon


120. If the R.L's of canal bed level and high flood level of drainage are 212.0 m and

210.0 m respectively, then cross drainage work will be aqueduct

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