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Nitofill WS60

Rapid foaming and setting resin for stopping fl ow of water


Stops the flow of water when injected into cracks in

concrete in the presence of moving water. Nitofi ll WS60 with

Nitofi ll UR63 provides an effective system for crack sealing in

wet conditions.


 Seals against water: Reacts and produces foam resistant

to water

 Rapid acting : Rapid reaction to produce water stop in

presence of fl owing water

 Reinjectable : Can be reinjected with Nitofi ll UR63 to produce

a permanent seal.


Nitofi ll WS60 is a two part liquid polyurethane when mixed in

the proportions supplied it reacts rapidly with water to form a

foam barrier.

Technical support

The company provides a technical advisory service supported

by a team of specialists in the fi eld

Typical properties

Specifi c gravity

(ASTM D891-18) 1.12

Density of foam

(ASTM D792-13) 0.022

Viscosity at 200

(ASTM D4402-15) < 1 Poise

Pot life, in absence of water

at 200C 6 - 8 hours

at 300C 3 - 4 hours

Reaction time with water 5 to 30 seconds dependent

upon temperature

Specifi cation clause

Water-stopping crack injection resin

Water-stopping crack injection resin foam shall be Nitofi ll

WS60, a two part foaming liquid polyurethane. When mixed

in the proportions supplied and injected into cracks in

concrete, the resin shall react with moving water to form a

foam water-stopping barrier.

The water-stopping injection resin shall have the following

properties; pot life, in the absence of water, 6-8 hrs at 20oC;

specifi c gravity of 1.14 + 0.06; foam density of 0.025.

When used in conjunction with Nitofi ll UR63, a fl exible two

part polyurethane injection resin, it shall form a permanent

seal in cracked concrete.

Application Instructions

Surface preparation

Clean area of concrete so cracks are identifi able.

It is recommended to use packers especially when injecting

against running water. Other techniques may be used, but are

application specifi c.

Drill holes to suit the specifi c dimensions of the packers and

should be spaced at between 150 to 500mm intervals depending upon the crack width, depth and pressure of water. Angle

should be at approximately 45° and bisect the crack in the

centre of the concrete where possible. If rebar is struck, stop

drilling and move drilling point to adjacent area.

Where possible stagger the injection points either side of the


Insert packers and ensure they are tight to the concrete. If

necessary they may be sealed with Nitomortar PE and Renderoc Plug as well.

Mixing & Application

Thoroughly mix the accelerator with the base resin, taking

care to exclude moisture as much as possible. Place in an

enclosed container after mixing, there may be a skin formation

on the surface but the liquid underneath will be satisfactory for

use during the stated pot-life of the product.

Nitofi ll WS60 requires the presence of water to react and

harden. If there is no water ingress at the time of injection,

cracks should be pre-injected with water.

 Nitofi ll WS60 is suitable for use with all common 1 component application equipment, typically an electric pump will

yield the best results when injecting against hydrostatic water


Inject Nitofi ll WS60 along the line of the crack methodically,

ensuring that the material is working its way along to the next

point. If injecting vertical cracks it is generally advised to begin

at the bottom of the crack and work upwards.

Take care not to over pressurise injection as this may lead

to further cracking of the concrete or displacement of packers.

 If material is fl owing without resistance, stop and allow

material to gel. If material is still fl owing consider increasing

the amount of accelerator or changing the spacing of injection

Nitofi ll WS60 should stop water adequately if cracks are

static. However, if further movement is anticipated, it is advised

that a secondary injection of Nitofi ll UR63 is applied.

Nitofi ll UR63 may be injected through the same injection

ports after initial set has taken place and the contractor is

confi dent running water has been stopped.


Once the injection process has fi nished, remove injection packers and fi ll with Nitomortar PE and Renderoc Plug or other

appropriate Renderoc material. Scrape off any foam residue

from the cracks and dispose of appropriately.


Use Nitofl or Sol for all tools and equipments


Six months shelf life if stored at 200C


Nitofi ll WS60 1, 5 & 20kg

Nitofi ll UR63 1, 5 & 20kg

Nitomortar PE 5 L

Nitofl or Sol 5 & 20 L

Renderoc Plug 5 kg


Health and safety

Some people are sensitive to resins so gloves and a barrier cream should be used when handling Nitofi ll WS60. If

contact with the resin occurs, it must be removed, before it

hardens, with a resin removing cream. Follow by washing

with soap and water. Do not use solvent. The use of goggles

is recommended but should accidental eye contamination occur, wash thoroughly with plenty of water and seek

medical treatment immediately. Ensure good ventilation and

do not smoke during use.


Nitomortar PE and Nitofl or Sol are fl ammable

Flash point

Nitofl or Sol 330C

Nitomortar PE resin 290C

Additional information

Nitofi ll WS60 is part of a wide range of adhesive, grouts, repair

mortars and sealing compounds specifi cally designed and

manufactured by Fosroc for the construction industry

Important note :

Fosroc products are guaranteed against defective materials and manufacture and are sold

subject to its standard terms and conditions of sale, copies of which may be obtained on

request. Whilst Fosroc endeavours to ensure that any advice, recommendation specifi cation

or information it may give is accurate and correct, it cannot, because it has no direct or

continuous control over where or how its products are applied, accept any liability either

directly or indirectly arising from the use of its products whether or not in accordance with

any advice, specifi cation, recommendation or information given by it.

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