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  • Road lane width: It is also termed the right-of-way is the land acquired for road purposes.Desirable width for National and State Highways 45minopenareasincaseofplainand rolling terrain, and 24min cases of mountainous and steep terrains.

  • Roadway width: For single and two-lane roads in plain and rolling terrain is 12mts for NH & SH.

  • The total width of the carriageway shall be determined in relation to the design traffic and capacity of the roadway. The standard width shall be asin dicated below.

  • Single-lane -3.75 MTS

  • Twolanewithoutraisedkerbs -7.00 MTS

  • Twolaneswith raised curbs -7.50 MTS

  • Multi-lane pavements width per lane -3.50 mts

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