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Soil Mechanics (1-20)

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

1. Residual soils are formed by-none of the above


2. Water content of soil can-be greater than 100 %


3. Which of the following types of soil is transported by gravitational forces ?



4. A fully saturated soil is said to be-two phase system with soil and water


5. Valid range for S, the degree of saturation of soil in percentage is-0 < S < 100


6. The submerged density of soil in terms of unit weight of water γw, specific gravity G and voids ratio e is given by the expression-


7.A soil has a bulk density of 22 kN/m3 and water content 10 %. The dry density of soil is-20.0 kN/m3


8.If the voids of a soil mass are full of air only, the soil is termed as-dry soil


9.Valid range for n, the percentage voids, is-0<n<100


10.Unit weight of soil decreases due to submergence in water


11.Voids ratio of a soil mass can-take any value greater than zero


12.If the volume of voids is equal to the volume of solids in a soil mass, then the

values of porosity and voids ratio respectively are-0.5 and 1.0


13.When the degree of saturation is zero, the soil mass under consideration represents-two phase system with soil and air


14.correct range of density index,ID-0 < lo < l


15. If the degree of saturation of a partially saturated soil is 60%, then air content of

the soil is-40%


16. If the water content of a fully saturated soil mass is 100%, then the voids ratio of

the sample is-equal to specific gravity of soil


17.The ratio of volume of voids to the total volume of soil mass is called-porosity


18.Relative density of a compacted dense sand is approximately equal to-0.95


19.If the sand in-situ is in its densest state, then the relative density of sand is-1


20.Which of the following methods is most accurate for the determination of the water content of soil ?-oven drying method

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