Soil Mechanics (21-40)

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

21.For proper field control, which of the following methods is best suited for quick

determination of water content of a soil mass ?

calcium carbide method

22.A pycnometer is used to determine water content and specific gravity

23.Stoke's law is valid only if the size of particle is between 0.2 mm and 0.0002 mm

24. In hydrometer analysis for a soil mass meniscus correction is additive and

dispersing agent correction is subtractive

25. The hydrometer method of sedimentation analysis differs from the pipette analysis mainly in the method of taking observations

26. Which of the following is a measure of particle size range ?uniformity coefficient

27. Which of the following statements is correct? none of the above

28. Uniformity coefficient of a soil is equal to or greater than 1

29. According to Atterberg, the soil is said to be of medium plasticity if the plasticity index PI is 7 <= PI <=17

30. If the natural water content of soil mass lies between its liquid limit and plastic

limit, the soil mass is said to be in plastic state

31. The ratio (Liquid Limit - Water Content)/Plasticity Index consistency index

32. When the plastic limit of a soil is greater than the liquid limit, then the plasticity index is reported as zero

33. Toughness index is defined as the ratio of plasticity index to flow index

34. If the plasticity index of a soil mass is zero, the soil is sand

35. The admixture of coarser particles like sand or silt to clay causes decrease in both liquid limit and plasticity index

36. A uniform soil has less strength and stability than a non-uniform soil.

37.The following index properties were determined for four soils A, B, C and D Which of these soils contains more clay particles ?


38.The water content of soil, which represents the boundary between plastic

state and liquid state, is known as liquid limit

39.Which of the following soils has more plasticity index ? clay

40. At liquid limit, all soils possess same shear strength of small magnitude

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