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Soil Mechanics (61-80)

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

61.Due to a rise in temperature, the viscosity and the unit weight of the percolating fluid are reduced to 60% and 90% respectively. If other things remain constant, the coefficient of permeability increases by 50%


62. Coefficient of permeability of soil increases with the increase in temperature


63. The average coefficient of permeability of natural deposits parallel to stratification is always greater than that perpendicular to stratification


64. The total discharge from two wells situated near to each other is less than the sum of the discharges from individual wells


65. The flownet for an earthen dam with 30 m water depth consists of 25 potential drops and 5 flow channels. The coefficient of permeability of dam material is 0.03

mm/sec. The discharge per metre length of dam is 0.00018 m3/sec


66. The most suitable method for drainage of fine grained cohesive soils is

electro-osmosis method


67. Total number of stress components at a point within a soil mass loaded at its

boundary is 9


68. Boussinesq's influence factor for vertical pressure at depth z and at the centre of a circular area of diameter 4a' carrying uniformly distributed load is


69.The intensity of vertical pressure directly below a concentrated load of 3/2π tonnes at a depth of 3/2π metres is given by


70.Vertical stress on a vertical line at a constant radial distance from the axis of a

vertical load first increases, attains a maximum value and then decreases


71.Phreatic line in an earthen dam is parabolic


72.The hydrostatic pressure on the phreatic line within a dam section is equal to atmospheric pressure


73.Rate of consolidation increases with increase in temperature


74.The unit of the coefficient of consolidation is


75.Terzaghi's basic differential equation for one dimensional consolidation of clayey soils is


76.The slope of isochrone at any point at a given time indicates the rate of change of pore water pressure with depth


77.Within the consolidation process of a saturated clay a gradual decrease in neutral pressure and a gradual increase in effective pressure takes place and sum of the two is constant


78.The value of compression index for a remoulded sample whose liquid limit is

50% is 0.28


79.Which one of the following clays behaves like a dense sand ?

over-consolidated clay with a high over-consolidation ratio


80. Coefficient of consolidation of a soil is affected by both compressibility and permeability

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