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Soil Mechanics (101-120)

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

101. In a consolidated drained test on a normally consolidated clay, the volume of the soil sample during shear decreases


102. Skempton's pore pressure coefficient B for saturated soil is 1


103. Shear strength of a soil is a unique function of effective stress only


104. In a deposit of normally consolidated clay effective stress and undrained

strength increase with depth but water content decreases with depth


105.Effective angle of shearing resistance

a) increases as the size of particles increases

b) increases as the soil gradation improves

c) is rarely more than 30° for fine grained soil


106. Unconfmed compressive strength test is undrained test


107. A cylindrical specimen of saturated soil failed under an axial vertical stress of

100kN/m² when it was laterally unconfmed. The failure plane was inclined to

the horizontal plane at an angle of 45°. The values of cohesion and angle of

internal friction for the soil are respectively

0.05 N/mm² and 0°


108. In an unconfmed compression test on a clay specimen of initial volume V and

length L, the area of cross-section at failure is taken as

where ΔL is the change in length and ΔV is change in volume


109. The angle that Coulomb's failure envelope makes with the horizontal is called

angle of internal friction


110. In a triaxial compression test on a soil specimen, the intermediate .principal

stress is equal to minor principal stress


111. If a cohesive soil specimen is subjected to a vertical compressive load, the inclination of the cracks to the horizontal is 45°


112. a) In a direct shear box test, the plane of shear failure is predetermined.

b) Better control is achieved on the drainage of the soil in a triaxial compression test.

c) Stress distribution on the failure plane in the case of triaxial compression test

is uniform.


113. If the shearing stress is zero on two planes, then the angle between the two

planes is 90°


114. In the triaxial compression test, the application of additional axial stress (i.e.

deviator stress) on the soil specimen produces shear stress on

all planes except horizontal and vertical planes


115. The state of stress on a plane inclined at an angle of 45° to the horizontal plane is represented on the Mohr's circle by a point at which


116. In a triaxial compression test when drainage is allowed during the first stage

(i. e. application of cell pressure) only and not during the second stage (i.e. application of deviator stress at constant cell pressure), the test is known as

consolidated undrained test


117. When a soil sample is subjected to a uniformly distributed fluid pressure only,

in a triaxial compression test, the Mohr's representation of the state of stress on

sample is


118. When a sample of sand is sheared under undrained condition, then

volume does not change


119. The ratio of the undisturbed shear strength to the remoulded shear strength in cohesive soils .inder undrained conditions is greater than 1


120. During the first stage of triaxial test when the cell pressure is increased from 0.10 N/mm² to 0.26 N/mm², the pore water pressure increases from 0.07 N/mm² to

0.15 N/mm². Skempton's pore pressure parameter B is 0.5

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