Strength of Materials(81-100)

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

81. A laminated spring is supported at centre and loaded at ends

82. Laminated springs are subjected to bending stress

83. Deflection in a leaf spring is more if its stiffness is less

84. A carriage spring of span / consists of n plates each of thickness t and width b. If the spring carries a load W and modulus of elasticity of the spring is E, then the

central deflection of the spring is

85. Buckling load for a given column depends upon both length and least lateral


86. When both ends of a column are fixed, the crippling load is P. If one end of the

column is made free, the value of crippling load will be changed to P/16

87. Euler's formula for a mild steel long column hinged at both ends is not valid

for slendemess ratio less than 80

88. A long column has maximum crippling load when its both ends are fixed

89. Effective length of a chimney of 20 m height is taken as 40 m

90. Rankine's formula for column is valid when slendemess ratio has any value

91. Slendemess ratio of a 5 m long column hinged at both ends and having a circular cross-section with diameter 160 mm is 125

92. Effective length of a column fixed at one end and hinged at the other end is


93. The effect of arching a beam is to reduce benctfng moment throughout

94. Internal forces at every cross-section in a arch are normal thrust; shear force and bending moment

95. According to Eddy's theorem, the vertical intercept between the linear arch and the centre line of actual arch at any point represents to some scale

bending moment

96. Due to rise in temperature in a three hinged arch, induced stress is

97. In a three hinged arch, the linear and the actual arch meet at at least three points

98. If a three hinged parabolic arch carries a uniformly distributed load over the entire span, then any section of the arch is subjected to normal thrust only

99. Three hinged arch is statically determinate

100. If the central rise of a symmetrical parabolic arch is h, then the rise of arch at

quarter points is 3h/4

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