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Structural Analysis (61-80)

Updated: Apr 9, 2020


Due to uniformly distributed load,maximum reaction at support B for the

beam shown in Fig. 12.14 will be when

entire span is loaded


62. The influence line for force in member DC of the truss, shown below will be



In the beam shown in Fig. 12.16, if thedisplacement at C due to load W at B is 5

mm, then the displacement at B due to a load of 0.2 W at C will be 1 mm



The flexibility matrix corresponding to coordinates 1 and 2 for the structure shown

in Fig. 12.17 is


65. The element 3EI s of flexibility matrix of a structure are dependent on the choice of coordinates


66.The displacement method is more useful when degree of kinematic

indeterminacy is less than the degree of static indeterminacy, The force method is more useful when degree of static indeterminacy is less than the degree of kinematic indeterminacy


67.Flexibility matrix is a square symmetrical matrix,Stiffness matrix is a square

-symmetrical matrix


68. To generate the j th column of the flexibility matrix a unit force is applied at coordinate j and the displacements are calculated at all coordinates


69. For stable structures, one of the important properties of flexibility and stiffness

matrices is that the elements on the main diagonal

of a stiffness matrix must be positive,of a flexibility matrix must be



70. The strain energy of a structure due to bending is given by


71. Effects of shear force and axial force on plastic moment capacity of a structure are respectively to decrease and decrease


72. For the structure shown in Fig. 12.18, the ratio of relative stiffness for AB and AC is



73.When a unit rotation is given at end A of the beam shown in Fig. 12.19, the moment produced at end B will be



74.Which of the following methods of structural analysis is a force method ?

column analogy method


75. Which of the following methods of structural analysis is a displacement method ?moment distribution method


76. In the displacement method of structural analysis, the basic unknowns are



77. The fixed support in a real beam becomes in the conjugate beam a

free end


78. The width of the analogous column in the method of column analogy is 1/EI


79. A simply supported beam deflects by 5 mm when it is subjected to a concentrated load of 10 kN at its centre. What will be deflection in a 1/10 model of the beam if the model is subjected to a 1 kN load at its centre ? 5 mm


80. The deformation of a spring produced by a unit load is called


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