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Survey (201-220)

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

201.If "Fore bearing" of a line is S 49° 52' E (assuming there is no local attraction), the "Back bearing" of the line will be N49°52'W



Correction for sag- Base line Least count.30'- Prismatic compass Overlap- Aerial Photograph Additive constant-Tacheometer


203.To find the R.L. of a roof slab of a building, staff readings were taken from a

particular set-up of the levelling instrument. The readings were 1.050 m

with staff on the benchmark and 2.300 m with staff below the roof slab and held

inverted. Taking the R.L. of the B.M. as 135.150 m, the R.L. of the roof slab will be



204.In a mass-haul diagram, the distance (D) of the center of mass of excavation or embankment froi. the line representing


205. Consider the following operations in a spire test:

1. Sight a well-defined high point on a high building.

2. Clamp horizontal plates.

3. Depress telescope and sight a point on the ground nearer to the instrument

4. Change face and repeat the procedure



Cubic parabola equation-V³/gR Shift in transition curve-L²/24R Valley curve - NS²/(1.50+0.035 S) Summit curve-NS²/4


207. The standard time meridian in India is 82°30' E. If the standard time at any instant is 20 hours 10 minutes, the local mean time for the place at a longitude of 20° E would be 4ʰ PM


208. The combined correction for curvature and refraction for a distance of 1400 m is 0.132 m


209. A lemniscate curve between the tangents is transitional throughout, if the polar deflection angle of its apex is equal to (Φ is the deflection angle between the initial and final tangents) Φ/6


210. In a closed traverse, the sum of south latitudes exceeds the sum of north

latitudes and the sum of east departures exceeds the sum of west departures. The

closing line will lie in the N-W quadrant


211. In an external focusing tacheometer, the fixed interval between stadia hairs is 5 mm; the focal length of the objective is 25 cm. and the distance of the vertical axis of the instrument from the optical centre of the objective is 15 cm. Which one of the following is the set of constants of the tacheometer? 50,0.040


212. An image of the top of the hill is 96 mm from the principal point of the photograph. The elevation of the top of the hill is 500m and the flying height is 4000 m above the datum. The relief displacement will be 212 mm


213 Sextant-Instrument used for measuring angles from a boat Sounding-Measurement of depth below the water surface Fathometer-Instrument used for measuring depth in ocean Range-The line on which soundings are taken


214. Which one of the following methods would give accurate results in determining the direction of the observer's meridian?

Observation of circumpolar stars on the same vertical


215. The direction of the magnetic meridian is established at each traverse station and the direction of the line is determined with reference to the magnetic meridian. This method of traversing is called fast needle method


216. For a chord of 60 m, the mid-ordinate for a circular curve of 50 m radius will be 10 m


217. If an overlapping pair of vertical photographs taken with a 150 mm focal

length camera has an air base of 2100 m and the elevation of the control point "A"

on it is 900 m above M.S.L. and the parallax of the point is 75 mm, then the

flying height above M.S.L. of the stereopair will be 5100 m


218. The true length of a line is known to be 200 m. When this is measured with a 20 m tape, the length is 200.80 m. The correct length of the 20 m tape is 19.92


219. An observer standing on the deck of a ship just sees the top of a lighthouse which is 30 m above the sea level. If the height of the observer's eye is 10 m above the sea level, then the distance of the observer from the lighthouse will be nearly



220.Accurate centering in plane table surveying is necessary for-Large scale maps Exact orientation is more important than accurate centering for-Small scale maps The intersection method of plane table surveying is particularly employed for-Inaccessible points Plane table survey is useful for-Open country with good intervisibility


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