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Survey (261-280)

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

261. Declination and Right Ascension will be 0° and 12 hours for the sun, when it lies over first point of Libra


262. Consider the following statements :

At the two transits of a star over a meridian

1. co-declination remains same

2. co-altitude does not remain same

3. hour angle differs by 12 hours


263. If the declination of a star is 70° 10' N and the latitude of the observer is 49° 50' N, then the values of the Zenith distance and the altitude of the star at the lower culmination will be respectively

60° and 30°


264.A.The normal longitudinal overlap along the flight line 60% or more B. The normal overlap between the adjacent strips At least 20% C. Eye base (average) assumed 64 mm D. Tolerable difference. in scale of adjoining photographs Upto 15%


265.If the difference in height of two points whose parallax difference is (+)0.8 mm

on a pair of stereo pair taken from a flying height H and having mean photo base 95.2 m is (+) 100 m, then the flying height H will be 12000 m


266.Stream gauging-Measuring the discharge of a stream Station pointer-Solving three point problem Tide gauge-To determine water level and its variation Sounding-The process of determining the bed depth


267.Topographical surveys-To show natural features of the country such as rivers, hills,streams, lakes, roads, bridges, towns etc Geodetic surveys-To furnish data for size and shape of the Earth Engineering surveys- To obtain data for carrying out any type of project such as roads, railways, water supply, etc. Cadastral surveys-To show boundaries of fields, buildings, etc


268.Which one of the following closely represents the shape of the earth ?

Oblate spheroid



Select the correct answer using the codes given below

1. Secular variation Variation of declination periodic in character

2. Irregular variation Caused due to magnetic storms in earth's magnetic field


270. If the staff intercept on a staff located at 100 m from the level for five division

deviation of the bubble is 0.050 m and if the length of one division of the bubble is 2 mm, then the radius of curvature of the bubble tube is 20.00 m


271. The "Back sight" reading on a vertically held staff at a point A on the floor along the centre line of a railway tunnel is 3.465 m, and the "Fore sight" on the inverted staff held at the roof of the tunnel just vertically above A is 1.155 m. The height of the tunnel along the centre line at floor point A is 4.620 m


272. A and B are two traverse stations free from local attraction errors. If the true

bearing of a line AB is 89°, and the magnetic declination at point A is 1°

West, then the magnetic bearing of the line BA would be 270°


273. Which one of the following gives the correct distance between the lighthouse

and a ship, when the lighthouse whose height is 100 m is visible just above the

horizon from the ship? 38.54 km


274. In a plane table survey, the plane table station position was to be fixed with

respect to three reference points. It was found that one of the reference points was not visible due to some obstruction. It was, therefore decided to make use of the other two points only. Which one of the following statements is true regarding the determination of station position?

The work will be less accurate and time consuming.


275. Contour interval on a map sheet denotes vertical distance between two

successive contour lines


276. The radius of curvature of an ideal transition curve should be inversely proportional to its length from the beginning


277. For a simple circular curve, which one of the following gives the correct relation between the radius, R and degree of curve

D, for 20 m arc length ?



278. The number of independent conditions required to be satisfied for the adjustment of a braced quadrilateral in triangulation survey is 6


279. Following data refer to precise measurement of an angle A on the field :

10° 02'51"


280. In a trigonometric levelling, the height of the signal used is 4.62 m and the

instrument height is 1.25 m. If the horizontal distance of the target from the

instrument is 5780 m, then the axis-signal correction is

206265 x 3.37/5780 seconds


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