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Survey (361-373)

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

a) Both A and R are true and R is the correct explanation of A b) Both A and R are true but R is not a correct explanation of A c) A is true but R is false d) A is false but R is true


361. Assertion A : The vertical angles cannot be measured by the method of repetition.

Reason R : There is only one rotation that is possible in the vertical plane.



362. Assertion A : If a place is in the western hemisphere, the magnetic needle will be to the west of the geographical meridian. If the place is in the eastern hemisphere, the needle will be to the east of the geographical meridian.

Reason R : The magnetic needle does not remain on one side of the geographical

meridian. It varies from place to place. a


363. Assertion A : The position of a boat in sea can be fixed by looking at the light

house, a church tower and a chimney on the coast

Reason R : The principle of three-point problem can be used a


364. Assertion A : Combined correction due to the curvature and refraction to the staff reading on a distance object is negative.

Reason R : Due to curvature effect, the actual reading should be smaller than what is observed. However, due to horizontal

line of sight, the observed reading will be higher b


365. Assertion A : In rise and fall method of booking observations and reducing

elevations of points, a complete check on the reduction of R.Ls. of intermediate

stations is there.

Reason R : Intermediate sights are included for the calculation of rise and

fall a


366. increases along the length of transition curve.

Reason R : The radius of transition curve decreases along the length of die curve.Assertion A : The super-elevation a


367. Assertion A : The object of providing an additional concave lens in the telescope, in a tacheometer is to eliminate the additive


Reason R: The anallactic lens absorbs some of the incident light and to

compensate this and to increase the illumination, a larger object glass is

required d


368. Assertion A : The magnetic bearings of different lines connot be regarded as fixed.

Reason R : The magnetic meridian changes its direction due to variation from

time to time, the magnetic bearings of survey line also change



369. Assertion A : Every point on the aerial photograph, which is displaced from its

true orthographic position, is called relief displacement.

Reason R : Relief displacement increases as the distance from the principal point

decreases. c


370. Assertion A : The meridian distance of any line is equal to the meridian distance of its midpoint.

Reason R : The meridian distance of any line is equal to the meridian distance of

the preceding line plus half the departure of the preceding line plus half the

departure of the line itself a


371. Assertion A : The rate of increase of curvature along the transition curve should be equal to the rate of increase of super elevation.

Reason R: The length of the transition curve should be fixed in such a manner

that full super elevation is achieved at the junction with the circular curve. a


372. Assertion A : Except in case of an overhanging cliff, two contour lines

cannot merge or intersect at a point on the map.

Reason R : Intersection of two contour lines means one point on the surface of the

earth will have two different elevations. This is not possible. a


373. Assertion A : The degree of curve is directly proportional to the radius of the


Reason R : A sharp curve has a large degree of curve and a flat curve has a

small degree of curve d

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