Survey (41-60)

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

41. For a line AB the fore bearing of AB and back bearing of AB differ by 180°

42. Local attraction in compass surveying may exist due to presence of magnetic substances near the instrument

43. If the quadrantal bearing of a line is N 25° W, then the whole circle bearing of the line is 335°

44. If the forebearing of a line AB is 35° and that of line BC 15°, then the included

angle between the lines is 160°

45. In the quadrantal bearing system, a whole circle bearing of 293° 30' can be expressed as N66°30'W

46. The prismatic compass and surveyor's compass give whole circle bearing(WCB) of a line and quadrantal bearing (QB) of a line respectively

47. The horizontal angle between the true meridian and magnetic meridian at a place is called declination

48. A negative declination shows that the magnetic meridian is to the western side of the true meridian

49. If the magnetic bearing of the sun at a place at noon in southern hemisphere is 167°, the magnetic declination at that place is 13° E

50. The graduations in prismatic compass are inverted,run .clockwise having 0° at south

51. Agate cap is fitted with a prismatic compass

52. The following bearings were observed while traversing with a compass :

Which stations were affected by local attraction ? C and D

53. The temporary adjustments of a prismatic compass are Centering-Levelling-Focusing the prism

54. Which of the figures shown in Fig.2.3 represents the correct graduation in a

surveyor's compass?


55. Theodolite is an instrument used for measurement of both horizontal and

vertical angles

56. The process of turning the telescope about the vertical axis in horizontal plane is known as swinging

57. Size of a theodolite is specified by the diameter of lower plate

58. function of levelling head ?

to support the main part of the instrument,to attach the theodolite to the tripod,

to provide a means for levelling the theodolite

59. If the lower clamp screw is tightened and upper clamp screw is loosened, the

theodolite may be rotated on its inner spindle with a relative motion between the vernier and the graduated scale of lower plate

60. A telescope is said to be inverted if its vertical circle is to its right and the

bubble of the telescope is down

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