Survey (61-80)

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

61. The cross hairs in the surveying telescope are placed

much closer to the eye-piece than to the objective lens

62. For which of the following permanent adjustments of theodolite, the spire test is used ?

adjustment of horizontal axis

63. The adjustment of horizontal cross hair is required particularly when the instrument is used for levelling

64. Which of the following errors is not eliminated by the method of repetition of

horizontal angle measurement ? error due to displacement of station


65. The error due to eccentricity of inner and outer axes can be eliminated by

reading both verniers and taking the mean of the two

66. In the double application of principle of reversion, the apparent error is

four times the true error

67. Which of the following errors can be eliminated by taking mean of both face

observations ? error due to line of collimation not being perpendicular to horizontal axis

68. Which of the following errors be eliminated by taking both face observations ?

error due to horizontal axis not being perpendicular to the vertical axis ,index error i.e. error due to imperfect adjustment of the vertical circle vernier , error due to non-parallelism of the* axis of telescope level and line of collimation

69. If a tripod settles in the interval that elapses between taking a back sight

reading and the following foresight reading, then the elevation of turning point

will increase

70. If altitude bubble is provided both on index frame as well as on telescope of a

theodolite, then the instrument is levelled with reference to

altitude bubble on index frame,altitude bubble on telescope if it is to be used as a level

71. A 'level line' is a line parallel to the mean spheriodal surface of earth

72. The following sights are taken on a "turning point" foresight and backsight

73. The rise and fall method of levelling provides a complete check on

backsight,intermediate sight,foresight

74. If the R.L. of a B.M. is 100.00 m, the back- sight is 1.215 m and the foresight is

1.870 m, the R.L. of the forward station is 99.345 m

75. In an internal focussing type of telescope, the lens provided is concave

76. Which of the following errors can be neutralised by setting the level midway

between the two stations ? error due to both curvature and refraction

77. Height of instrument method of levelling is quicker and less tedious for large

number of intermediate sights

78. The rise and fall method provides a check on the reduction of intermediate point levels

79. If the staff is not held vertical at a levelling station, the reduced level calculated

from the observation would be less than true R.L


Above table shows a part of a level field book. What is value of X? 1.1

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