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Survey (81-100)

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

81. The difference between a is smaller than R.L. of first poinlevel line and a horizontal line is that

level line is a curved line while horizontal line is a straight line


82. The sensitivity of a bubble tube can be increased by increasing the diameter of the tube


83. With the rise of temperature, the sensitivity of a bubble tube decreases


84. Refraction correction partially eliminates curvature correction


85. The R.L, of the point A which is on the floor is 100 m and backsight reading on A is 2.455 m. If the foresight reading on the point B which is on the ceiling is 2.745 m, the R.L. of point B will be 105.20


86. As applied to staff readings, the corrections for curvature and refraction are

respectively - and +


87. Which of the following arithmetic checks can be applied in rise and fall method ? ΣB.S. - ΣF.S. = ΣRise - ΣFall= Last R.L. - First R.L


88. What is the arithmetic error in the following table ?

The height of instrument (H.I.) should be 103.00


89. The following consecutive readings were taken with a dumpy level:

0.695. 1.525, 2.395, 0.635, 0.605, 0.805,0.125

The instrument was shifted after the third and fifth readings. The readings 2.395 and 0.635 respectively represent F.S. and B.S


90. In Question no. 89, the number of stations 5


91. In Question no. 89, the R.L. of last point is smaller than R.L. of first point



The above table shows a part of a level field book. The value of X should be



93.The correction for refraction as applied to staff reading is


94. The following consecutive readings were taken with a dumpy level and a 3 m staff on a continuously sloping ground. 0.425, 1.035, 1.950, 2.360, 2.950, 0.750,

1.565, 2.450, 0.320, 1.025, 2.165, 2.955 Which of the following readings are back

sights ? 0.425, 0.750, 0.320


95. A level was set up at a point A and distance to the staff station B was 100 m.

The net combined correction due to curvature and refraction as applied to the

staff reading is - 0.000673 m


96.In levelling between two points A and B on opposite banks of a river, the following readings were taken

If R.L of A is 100.00 m, the R.L of B is more than 100.00 m


97.While doing levelling in undulating terrain, it is preferable to set the level on

one side of the slope


98. If the horizontal distance between the staff point and the point of i observation is d, then the error due to curvature of earth is proportional to


99.Sensitiveness of a level tube is designated by radius of level tube


100. Error due to refraction may not be completely eliminated by reciprocal

levelling , Tilting levels are commonly used for precision work , The last reading of levelling is always a foresight


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