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Survey (121-140)

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

121. Three point problem can be solved by.

Tracing paper method,Bessels method,Lehman's method


122. The size of a plane table is 600 mm x 750 mm


123. The process of determining the locations of the instrument station by drawing resectors from the locations of the known stations is called resection


124. The instrument used for accurate centering in plane table survey is plumbing fork


125. Which of the following methods of plane table surveying is used to locate the position of an inaccessible point ?



126. The two point problem and three point problem are methods of

resection and orientation


127. The resection by two point problem as compared to three point problem

requires more labour


128. The methods used for locating the plane table stations are



129. After fixing the plane table to the tripod, the main operations which are needed at each plane table station are



130. Bowditch rule is applied to a closed traverse for adjustment of closing error


131. If in a closed traverse, the sum of the north latitudes is more than the sum of the south latitudes and also the sum of west departures is more than the sum of the east departures, the bearing of the closing line is in the

SE quadrant


132. If the reduced bearing of a line AB is N60°W and length is 100 m, then the

latitude and departure respectively of the line AB will be +50m, -86.6 m


133. If the sum of northings of a traverse exceeds the sum of southings by 1 m and

sum of eastings exceeds the sum of westings by 1 m, the resultant closing error and its true bearing respectively are

2 m,N45°E


134. The angle between the prolongation of the preceding line and the forward line of a traverse is called deflection angle


135. Transit rule of adjusting the consecutive coordinates of a traverse is used where

angular measurements are more accurate than linear measurements


136. The Bowditch method of adjusting a traverse is based on the assumption that

where e and e are errors in linear and angular measurements respectively and l is the length of a line


137. Which of the following methods of theodolite traversing is suitable for locating the details which are far away from transit stations ?

measuring angles to the point from at least two stations


138. Subtense bar is an instrument used for measurement of horizontal distances

in undulated areas


139. Horizontal distances obtained by tacheometric observations

do not require slope and tension corrections


140. The number of horizontal cross wires in a stadia diaphragm is three


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