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1 Surveying scales is largest - small paper to ground ratio.

2 Geodetic surveying is different from plane surveying because of-the curvature of the earth.

3 The error due to bad ranging-cumulative; positive.

4 Offsets' are-short measurements from chain line.

5 used for base line measurements-invar tape.

6 An invar tape is made of an alloy of-nickel and steel.

7 Number of links in a 30 m metric chain is-150.

8 Ranging' is the process of-aligning the chain in a straight line

between two extremities.

9 working from whole to part' is used in surveying because-accumulation of errors is prevented.

10 A metallic tape is made of-cloth and wires.

11 For a well-conditioned triangle, no angle should be less than-30.

12 The position of a point can be fixed more accurately by-perpendicular offsets.

13 The main object of running a tie line is-to take details of nearby objects.

14 an obstacle to chaining but not to ranging-river.

15 A building is an obstacle to-both chaining and ranging.

16 The angle of intersection of the two plane mirrors of an optical square is-45.

17 angles can be set out with the help of French cross staff-either 45° or 90°.

18 method of perpendicular offsets-involves less measurement on the ground.

19 The permissible error in chaining for measurement with chain on rough or hilly ground is -1 in 250.

20 The correction for sag is-always subtractive.

21 Cross staff is an instrument used for-setting out right angles.

22 Normal tension is that pull which-neutralizes the effect due to pull and sag

23 not used in measuring perpendicular offsets-line ranger.

24 If the length of a chain is found to be short on testing-it can be adjusted by-straightening the links.

25 The maximum tolerance in a 20 m chain is-±5 mm.

26 The length of a chain is measured from-outside of one handle to outside of

other handle.

27 In the prismatic compass-the magnetic needle and graduated circle do not move with the box.

28 The horizontal angle between the true meridian and magnetic meridian at a place is called-declination.

29 A negative declination shows that the magnetic meridian is to the-western side of the true meridian.

30 Agate cap is fitted with a-prismatic compass.

31 Theodolite is an instrument used for-measurement of both horizontal and

vertical angles.

32 Size of a theodolite is specified by-the diameter of lower plate.

33 A telescope is said to be inverted if its-vertical circle is to its right and the

bubble of the telescope is down.

34 The following sights are taken on a "turning point"-foresight and backsight.

35 In an internal focussing type of telescope, the lens provided is-concave.

36 Height of instrument method of levelling is-quicker and less tedious for large

number of intermediate sights.

37 The difference between a level line and a horizontal line is that- level line is a curved line while horizontal line is a straight line.

38 With the rise of temperature, the sensitivity of a bubble tube-decreases.

39 Sensitiveness of a level tube is designated by-radius of level tube.

40 Contour interval is-inversely proportional to the scale of the map.

41 The suitable contour interval for a map with scale 1 : 10000 is-2m.

42 A series of closely spaced contour lines represents a-steep slope.

43 Direct method of contouring is-most accurate method.

44 Closed contours, with higher value inwards, represent a-hillock.

45 Contour interval is-the vertical distance between two consecutive contours.

46 Benchmark is established by-spirit levelling.

47 The type of surveying which requires least office work is-plane table surveying.

48 Intersection method of detailed plotting is most suitable for-hilly areas.

49 Detailed plotting is generally done by-radiation.

50 The size of a plane table is-600 mm x 750 mm.

51 The instrument used for accurate centering in plane table survey is- plumbing fork.

52 The two point problem and three point problem are methods of-resection and orientation.

53 The resection by two point problem as compared to three point problem-requires more labour.

54 The methods used for locating the plane table stations are traversing,resection.

55 Bowditch rule is applied to-a closed traverse for adjustment of closing error 56 Subtense bar is an instrument used for-measurement of horizontal distances in plane areas.

57 Overturning of vehicles on a curve can be avoided by using-transition curve.

58 Different grades are joined together by a-vertical curve.

59 Total angle of deflection of a transition curve is-spiral angle /3.

60 The shape of the vertical curve generally provided is-parabolic.

61 Agonic line is the line joining points having-zero declination.

62 Parallax bar is used to measure-parallax difference.

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