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What is Dead Sea?

Dead Sea is the only sea on Earth which has no plant or animal life. It is, therefore, appropriately called Dead Sea. In fact, Dead Sea is a saline lake situated between Jordan and Israel. It is 77 kilometres long and its breadth ranges between 5-18 kilometres. The water level of Dead Sea is the lowest on the Earth. It is lower than the sea level by 396 metres. Millions of years ago, the level of Dead Sea was, however, higher than the present one by 427 metres. At that time, aquatic animals were living in Dead Sea. All of a sudden, there was a draught and the water of this sea evaporated. Gradually this sea acquired the present state. No river originates from this sea. The Jordan River and some small canals end up in this sea. Since no river comes out of this, the water of this sea depletes only by evaporation. Consequently, the amount of salt and other soluble minerals brought into the sea by the Jordan River and other smaller canals goes on increasing. You will be surprised to know that the amount of salt present in Dead Sea is the largest in comparison to the other seas. In general, the amount of salt present in any sea is 4%-6%. But even this makes you sick as it contains large quantities of magnesium chloride and other poisonous substances. Due to the presence of large quantities of salt and other poisonous materials, no living being can survive in this sea. Hence fish and other aquatic animals of the Jordan river die as soon as they enter the water of this sea.

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