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Where does mud boil?

Have you heard of boiling mud? It is very unusual. Boiling mud is one of the side effects of the volcanic activity. Hot water and gases from beneath the surface bubble through the mud, as a result, it looks like a pan of boiling porridge. Boiling mud can be seen in a number of volcanic areas of the world. Volcanic gases such as sulphur, which creates heat and causes the boiling effect, usually gives the mud a foul smell. On the other hand, the associated minerals are said to promote healing and thus, mud pools are often used as health centres. The Italian island of Vulcano is visited for curing rheumatism. Many people visit pools and springs of the volcanic plateau in North Island, New Zealand, which are used as health centres for healing diseases. Boiling mud is still found in areas where volcanoes have been inactive for hundreds of years, such in the West Indian Island of St. Lucia. This proves that volcanic activity is still going on deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

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