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Why can’t animals talk like us?

Wouldn’t it be nice if your pet dog could speak and share its thoughts with you? Many stories for children are about animals that can talk like human beings, but this is only the author’s imagination. Amongst all living beings, man is the only creature on Earth that can communicate with the help of words or speech; this is because of the highly developed human brain. Since the brain in animals is not so well-developed, they are unable to utter words or language to express their feelings. That is why they cannot talk like us. It is a well-established fact that animals also feel happy, experience sorrow, fear, love, affection, hostility, hunger, thirst or protective needs, etc., just as humans do. Because they are incapable of expressing their feelings in words, they express or communicate with the help of certain gestures and sounds, which may or may not be familiar or understood by us. You might have seen when a cat goes near a group of birds; all the birds start chirping very loudly in a peculiar way. They actually express their fear that the cat may kill them. Similarly, a dog expresses its anger by barking, and its feelings of happiness by wagging its tail. A monkey demonstrates its anger by making peculiar sounds.

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