Why do we need a passport for going abroad?

Passport is an official document that enables a person to travel from one country to another. It is used in all the countries of the world and was adopted long ago. ‘Passport’ literally means ‘permission to leave a port’ or to sail into it. Later, the meaning was extended to include a general permission of exit and entry. Though the passport permits us to leave our own country, is does not permit us to enter another country. For this, we need a visa. Visa is a mark or stamp put on a passport by the authorities granting permission to visit that particular country. Only on the basis of the visa, we are permitted to stay in a country, which has granted the visa. Passport and visa are essential documents to go abroad. Passport is in the form of a small booklet. The booklet contains information regarding the passport holder such as his name, address and other details. It also contains a photograph of the passport holder attested by the competent authority. Countries granting visas are also endorsed in it. In a foreign country, the passport identifies its holder and given protection on its basis.

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