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Why do we need to exercise?

Our body works like a machine continuously till we die. To keep this machine fit and working, regular exercise is needed. A general fitness created by routined practice helps a person to remain healthy. A person who does not exercise, converts only a small amount of food into energy and may become overweight. The muscles become weak without exercise, while blood circulation is slower. Regular exercise makes the muscles stronger and improves their tone. Well-toned muscles help in the proper functioning of the organs. Muscle movement helps to speed up blood circulation. Exercise not only strengthens the muscles, it improves the amount of oxygen intake — when the breathing becomes deeper, greater quantities of oxygen (and nutrients) reaches all parts of the body, and waste products are flushed out quicker. There are many kinds of exercises that one can undertake. Brisk walking is one of the best exercises. Yoga is an excellent way to calm the mind while toning up the body. For younger people, more active variations can be swimming, jogging, aerobics, tai chi, cycling, playing games and even supervised exercise in a gymnasium. These are some of the several options available for taking regular exercise, and keeping the body fit and the mind alert.

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