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Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Water Demand

Fire Demand

Kuichhlings Formula

Freeman Formula

National Board of fire Under Writer Formula

Buston's Formula

Per Capita Demand (q)

Assessment of Normal variation

Populating Forecasting Methods

Conduits for transpoting water

Head loss

Darcy-Weisbatch formula

Hazen-William's Formula

Modified Hazen-William's Formula

Mannings Formula

pressure Acting on Pressure Conduits

Hoop tension or Circumferential tension(σ)

Water Hammer Pressure

Development of ground water

Darcy law's

Speccific law's

Specific yield

Specific retension

Slot opening

Pack Aquifer Ratio (P.A)

Well Losses

Quality Control of water Supplies

Total Solid Suspended Solid

Theshold odour number

Consistituents of Alkalinity

PH Value of water

Hardness of water

Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)

Water treatment

Theory of sedimentation

Sedimentation tank

Chemical use for coagulation

Mixing Basin



Rapid sand filter

Hydraullic of Sand gravity filters

Hydraullic head loss expansion of the filter during backwash

Disinfection or Strilization

Type of Chlorination

Starch iodide test

Water Softning

Design of Sewere

Hydraulic Formulaas for Determining Flow Velocities in Sewers and drains

Chezy's Formula

Kutter formula

Bazin formula

Manning's Formula

Crimp and Burge's Formula

William Hazen's Formula

Shields Expression for self Cleaning velocity

Hydaulic Characteristic of Circular Sewer

Sewer is designed maximum hourly discharge

Quality & Characterstics of Sewage

Aerobic Decomposition

Anaerobic Decoposition

Threshold Odour Number (Ton)

Total Solids,Suspended Solids and settleable Solids

Chemical Oxygen Demand

Biochemical Oxygen Demand

Disposing of The Sewage Effluents

Standard of Dilution for discharge of wastewaters into rivers

Dilution and Dispersion

Zone of Pollution in river stream

Relative Stability (S)

Stretcher-PHELPS equation

Treatment of sewage

Settling Velocity

Proportional Flowweir

Prabolically or V Shaped Grit Chamber Provide with Parshall flume

Skimming tank

Sedimentation tank

Trickling Filter

Sludge Digestion tank

Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE)

Aeration tank

Air and sound pollution

Primary Pollutants

Secondary Pollutants

Wind Speed


Characterstic of sound and its mesurement

power of sound

Noise Rating System

Cpcb Standards of noise levels (dB)

Ambient air quality standards dB(A),Leq

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