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Irrigation Hydrology

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

Precipitation & Genral Aspects of Hydrology

Index of wetness

Aridity Index

Optimum number of Rain Guage

Estimation of missing Rain fall Data

Mean Rainfall data

Evaporation and its mesurement

Dalton's law

Mesurement of evaporation

Water budget method

Energy budget method


Tranpiration loss

Stream flow mesurement

Determination of velocity

Velocity Distribution

Stream flow (discharge mesurement)

Infilteration ,Runoff and hydrographs


Infilteration indices


Method of Compute Runoff


Unit Hydrograph

Rational Method

Emperical formulae

Flood Frequency Studies

Gumbel's Method

Cofidence Limit

Flood Routing

Method of channel Routing

Synthetic Hydrograph

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