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Reinforcement Cement



Modulus Elacticity of concrete

Tensile Strength of concrete in flexure

Working Stress method

Modulus Ratio

Eqivalent Area Concrete

Stress in Concrete

Critical Depth of Neutral Axis

Single Reinforced Rectangular section

Actual Depth of Neutral Axis

Moment of resistence

For balance Section

For Under Reinforced Section

Doubly Reinforced Rectangular Section

Critical depth of Neutral Axis

Actual Depth of Neutral Axis

Moment of resistence

Design step

Special case

Balanced Section

Underreinforced Section

Overreinforced section

Singly reinforced T-section

Effective width of flange

Critical depth of Neutral Axis

When Neutral axis in flange area

When Neutral axis in Web area

Limit State Method

Design Stress strain curve at ultimate state

Design value of strength for concrete

Singly Reinforced beam

Doubly Reinforced Section


Singly reinforced T Beam


Shear Stress

For Homogeneous beam

For Reinfoced Concrete beam

Design Shear strength of concrete

Bond ,Anchorage and development Length

Bond Stress

Permissible bond stress

Development length


Equivalent shear force

Equivalent moment

Tranverse reinforcement

Maximum Spacing for Tranverse reinfocement

Beam and slabs

Effective span

Simply supported beam

For continues beam


Control of delection

Slenderness limit

One Way Slab

Step of design

Two way Slab

Design of two way slab


Working Stress method

Slenderness ratio (λ)

Load carrying capacity for short column

Load carrying capicity for long column

Effective length of column

Column with helical reinforcement

Logitudinal reinforcement

Minimum number of bars for reinforcement

Minimum diameter of bar

Maximum distance between longitudinal bar


Transverse reinforcement (Ties)

Pitch (ρ)

Helical reinforcement

Some others IS recommendation

limit State method

Slenderness ratio (λ)


Short axially loaded column with helical reinforcement

Some others IS code Recommendations

Slenderness limit

All column should be designed for a minimum eccentricity

Concentrically loaded Columns


Isoleted Footings

Spread footings

Combined footings

Strap or Cantilever footings

Mat or raft foundation

Pile Foundation

Design of isoleted footing

Rectangular footing

Desgn Steps

Prestress Concrete

Analysis of prestess and bending stress

Stress concept method

Strength concept method

Load Balancing concept

Tendon with Parabolic profile

Losses of Prestress

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